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Low supply? Give us a try!!
Our cookies WILL boost your breast milk supply and help you to be successful at breastfeeding for as long as you choose.
Whether you are wanting to boost your supply, or pump for work, home, or to donate to another Mama, we are here to  make it happen, without the stress!
Here at Making Mama's Milk we are setting you up for success, from the very beginning with our delicious cookies!
Our Cookies are all natural and taste so delicious!!
I come across women on a daily basis who have been encountering Breast Milk supply issues. I know exactly how these women feel, and it breaks my heart to see a Mother who is struggling with wanting to breastfeed her baby, but has supply issues. We live in a society that has not been the most supportive, and now that we are fighting to make it easier to breastfeed, we find there are more issues. It doesn't have to be this way. I want to help YOU!!
That is a major reason why I started my company. I want every woman out there to be able to feed their baby the most nutritious food there is. There is not any reason, outside of medical issues, why a woman cannot breastfeed if she really wants to.  I want to help those out there who want to breastfeed, to be able to, for as long as THEY choose.
Making Mama's Milk & More will help you to increase your breast milk supply while eating our cookies! 
Our delicious lactation cookies contain ingredients that are great for your body! It will aid in the healing process after child birth , as well as being able to eat something healthy, even with all the busyness of life. Simply pack a lactation cookies in your diaper bag when you are away with your baby- and you will always have a great snack. 
Our lactation cookies are one useful tool in helping to build a stash of Liquid Gold, whether at home, work, or to donate!
Breast is Best!
The inside of our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! Thick amd gooey...yummy
breastfeeding cookies