BabyWise, who would write such a sad book? And Target Nurse In Rant!
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BabyWise, who would write such a sad book? And Target Nurse In Rant!

Good Morning!! I haven't been able to post a blog in a while. I have however, caused some controversy with my comments on a certain book. This book is called BabyWise, and the guy who wrote it is certainly NOT wise. In the book, it basically says that you should allow your baby, as young as 4 weeks to CIO to teach them to sleep. There is a schedule of when to feed the baby, and of course for a breastfeeding Mommy, this will mess with supply. It also addresses something that I think is crazy. This is the stance the writer takes as a clergymen, with saying that since God ignored Jesus on the cross and he turned out fine, we can indeed ignore our babies. Now this just ticks me off to no end. This clown also thinks that a 5 month old baby should be taught manners in the highchair and as punishments, you start with verbal, and go to isolation in their crib, to a tight squeeze to the hands. 5 months old!! He is a quack. This book has been criticized by Doctors and has been linked to malnourished, failure to thrive and dehydration. :( So sad. Babies cry because they NEED us. They NEED us to protect them, to hold them, to show them we are there and will be there no matter what. A 4 week old baby NEEDS to breastfeed a lot. They NEED to get the nourishment that breast milk provides, especially since their bellies are SO small. They need to be fed, loved, and when they cry we NEED to get in there and hold them. How else are they going to grow up healthy, happy, and secure that they are protected. It makes me so mad that people use this book and especially the ones who use it so religiously. The other night, we were in NYCity visiting family when a friend at church asked us if our son (6.5months) was sleeping through the night. We answered NO and his jaw dropped. Then he recommended the book. When I researched it, I was pissed. I cannot believe that this man who is a friend of my husbands, a first time Dad, got this book from our minister, and he used it. So sad. CIO causes brain damage!!
Check out that link. It saddens me deeply that this happens.
Let me just say that I used a very small CIO method known as the Ferber Method. It works and I like the fact that I can go in and be with my child once they are older (12 months for us) every 5, 10 minutes. :)
OK, onto the Target Nurse In. It happened yesterday, a small protest to be able to nurse in public, brought on by a Mom who was made to feel like she was dirty and wrong for nursing in public (covered by a big blanket). So she complained and was told be Target that breastfeeding Mom's shouldn't "flaunt our boobs" Well it went well. Target, I'm sure was prepared for it. From the pictures I saw, it looked like it was peaceful and that we all made our point. I did not go however because my hubby had to work.
I hope you have a wonderful day!