Autism and Vaccinations NO LINK, just uneducation!
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Autism and Vaccinations NO LINK, just uneducation!

Good Tuesday morning everyone! I think I am in denial that Thanksgiving is in 2 days!! 2 days!! AND I have zero done. I do not even have a turkey...ooops! BUT The funny thing is, I have 1 kid all done for Christmas shopping!
So today I am going to discuss a topic that I am sure will raise some eyebrows and have some of you thinking I don't know what I am talking about! lol A few years ago, a women who used to be on MTV, and posed for Playboy, named Jenny McCarthy, had a son who was diagnosed with Autism. She then said through some research and talking to people she determined that it was because of vaccinations, and that vaccinations today were 3 X's the amount in the olden days, etc. She then also published a book. Well, because of this, parents went crazy with the information and as Jenny was going from morning talk show to late night TV promoting her book, many parents stopped giving their children vaccines and also started to blame them for their children's autism. I myself did, major research on it at the advice of my pediatrician, who is the best, homeopathic, earthy crunchy, pro breastfeeding, etc Dr. He is great! I started looking 4 years ago, when I was pregnant with Bella because this is when the Jenny M. epidemic started growing! Anyhow- here is what I found!
First off Autism is not just 1 form, or one simple diagnosis. Autism spectrum disorders come in many forms. There are mild ones, as well severe. I will try to show all the types and then let you go away and read some info on your own. There are 3 types:
  • Autistic Disorder (also called “classic” autism)
    This is what most people think of when hearing the word “autism.”  People with autistic disorder usually have significant language delays, social and communication challenges, and unusual behaviors and interests. Many people with autistic disorder also have intellectual disability.
    • Asperger Syndrome
      People with Asperger syndrome usually have some milder symptoms of autistic disorder.  They might have social challenges and unusual behaviors and interests.  However, they typically do not have problems with language or intellectual disability.
      • Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS; also called “atypical autism”)
        People who meet some of the criteria for autistic disorder or Asperger syndrome, but not all, may be diagnosed with PDD-NOS. People with PDD-NOS usually have fewer and milder symptoms than those with autistic disorder.  The symptoms might cause only social and communication challenges.
Ever wonder why when you go to the doctor's for a well visit, they have you fill out a questionnaire, and there are questions on it like: Does your child point? Does your child look into your eyes? Does your child hear their name when you call them? Stuff like that is to help determine if they could be autistic.
Here are some characteristics:
A person with an ASD might:
  • Not respond to their name by 12 months
  • Not point at objects to show interest (point at an airplane flying over) by 14 months
  • Not play "pretend" games (pretend to "feed" a doll) by 18 months
  • Avoid eye contact and want to be alone
  • Have trouble understanding other people's feelings or talking about their own feelings
  • Have delayed speech and language skills
  • Repeat words or phrases over and over (echolalia)
  • Give unrelated answers to questions
  • Get upset by minor changes
  • Have obsessive interests
  • Flap their hands, rock their body, or spin in circles
  • Have unusual reactions to the way things sound, smell, taste, look, or feel
One thing I have learned about Autism and a factor that is common in most people with autism including Jenny's son- is living in a large city with pollution!! Especially living near a highway in that large city. There are also some drugs that taken while pregnant can cause Autism.
Most scientists agree that there is a gene that makes one more likely to develop Autism, and children who have a sibling or parent with ASD, are at a higher risk of having ASD.
The prescription drugs thalidomide and valproic acid taken during pregnancy, has caused ASD.
  • ASDs tend to occur more often in people who have certain other medical conditions.  About 10% of children with an ASD have an identifiable genetic disorder, such as Fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.
    Here is a great article to read: Even one scientist was paid off in court to say that Autism was connected to vaccines.
    Anyway- I just really wanted to get some education out about this!
    My personal belief is that it is passed from parent to children and that it does happen while in the womb and can get worse if in a highly populated area, and pollution plays a major role.
    Thanks of reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    PS- There is HOPE, many ASD children lead normal lives, and I am thankful to have a few friends who have ASD!